27 March, 2009

While walking to work, some guys in a car yelled, "woo! nice tights!" I like to hope they were sincere.

25 March, 2009

I was having a bad hair day, so I went with it. Teased!

24 March, 2009

21 March, 2009

Worn for a Sacramento-area lolita meeta at the Crocker museum.

20 March, 2009

A guest appearance by my cat!
The sweatershirt was a hand-me-down from my great aunt.

19 March, 2009

15 March, 2009

You're more than welcome to punch me for that "joke."

14 March, 2009

Mildly fancy for my best friend's birthday play and dinner!

13 March, 2009

Welcome to my workplace! When no one's passing by the shop, I: sing, dance, and take the occasional outfit picture.

Happy warm weather, friends!

11 March, 2009

Just for lounging! This outfit never left the house (I promise).

07 March, 2009

Comfy for fabric shopping! Little did I know that those shoes are apparently not meant for walking. Ugh.

The headbow's hand-knit.

06 March, 2009

Watch out! This cardigan is going to be in every outfit I wear from now until forever.

04 March, 2009

Does gold count as a color? It might be my favorite.