22 May, 2009

Black and white, on my terms!

It's getting very hot, lately.

21 May, 2009

The hat is one of my favorite vintage finds to date, and the dress is from betty's girl in napa!

This outfit is so how I wish I could dress every single day. Finding pretty and unique (and flattering) dresses is such a difficult task, gosh!

18 May, 2009

The debut of my hand-knitted beret (from this lovely pattern).

16 May, 2009

Thanks, skirt, for going all derpy on one side. Anyway, lolita inspired for going out and about.

In the background, you can see bags from a SecretShop group order! On my feet, you can see the result!

15 May, 2009

Pupe imitates life!

14 May, 2009

12 May, 2009

Kind of a librarian.

10 May, 2009

For wandering the paths of the Whole Earth Festival!

08 May, 2009

Super light and flowy! This outfit's pretty different, for me.

The top's a vintage nightshirt with all of these precious embroidered flowers 'round the neckline. I wish I'd taken a better picture of them!

06 May, 2009

03 May, 2009

New top from anthropologie's sales rack. It's a capelet and tank top all-in-one?!

There's not actually too much interesting going on with the back, but I just was astounded at the "boooooty!!" factor of this skirt. BoOoOooooty!

That is all.

02 May, 2009

I'm going to miss this small run of cooler weather...!
Say hello to my workplace. Hey, what are you supposed to do when no one's walking by & you didn't have time for outfit snaps in the morning?

01 May, 2009

And suddenly, it rains! Caught without an umbrella, I just accepted my poor bangs' fate of unruliness.