30 April, 2009

I bought these cargos at wal*mart (don't say anything!) a long, long while ago, and I'm completely clueless about how to wear them well! I guess this works, and they're comfy, but I can't tell if they're a complete faux-pas or not.

29 April, 2009

Kind of boring! For a while, all I'd wear was a different take on this same outfit pattern (and color scheme)! It's easy, when one is in a rush to leave the house.

28 April, 2009

I felt as though I should be wandering the streets of Stockholm or Helsinki, not Davis. If only!

22 April, 2009

19 April, 2009

I'm not quite sure how my cat realizes to look at the camera (and yet, I don't).

16 April, 2009

Tights or legs? 


10 April, 2009

Just lazy and comfy today.

07 April, 2009

It rained today?!

06 April, 2009

Worn to handle very serious and adult-like bank dealings.

04 April, 2009

Sure looking awful zombie, tonight.
In my defense: it's late! I was just running errands! the bathtub sill does me no favors!

The knitted collar is made by me.
And the cardigan's from the 1950s. No matter how I wash it, and no matter the presence of my own perfume, the aroma of a time long since past lingers! It's nice.

03 April, 2009

01 April, 2009

My mother mistook my bare legs for white tights! Ha!

This skirt was self-made.