03 May, 2009

New top from anthropologie's sales rack. It's a capelet and tank top all-in-one?!

There's not actually too much interesting going on with the back, but I just was astounded at the "boooooty!!" factor of this skirt. BoOoOooooty!

That is all.


  1. that is insanely cute! also, i liek your bootay 8D

  2. I followed your fruits LJ community post to here because you have an adorable style! :) I am in love with those brown boots, might I ask where you bought them from?

  3. aw, thank you very much!!

    the boots, i'm afraid, come from a small store in downtown davis. the brand's "martino" and they're pretty expensive (although i got them on sale!)
    good luck in your boot-quest!